Leslie has participated in sports the majority of his life.  He has always been fascinated with human body mechanics.  Its ability to adapt to increased activity and amazing way to heal time and again.

While working in the corporate world, Leslie  worked out on a consistent basis.  He would push his body to extremes and at times sustain injuries.   Those unwanted injuries took a toll on his body.  He sought out medical assistance/treatment to correct  those imbalances.  The treatment provided welcome relief, unfortunately, they were short lived.  As Leslie continued his work out regime,  he felt  that something was missing that would enhance muscle recovery and performance.    Not many of the therapists he found dealt directly with soft tissue dysfunction with the releases needed for the muscles to  perform more efficiently.

Leslie had left shoulder surgery in 2007.  During his post surgery physical therapy he became interested in training to compete in triathlons as a way to continue rehabbing his shoulder.  In order to achieve his goal he continued to seek assistance from his chiropractor in order to train and  compete at higher levels.

Leslie began his crusade in Massage Therapy.  Leslie understood that complete muscle release was needed for the dysfunction to leave and the muscles to fire properly.  He followed his heart became a License Massage Therapist (LMT) graduating in the top of his class.

This furthered his desire to take his skill sets to an increased level. He researched and found courses offered by John F. Barnes involving MyoFascial Release Therapy.  This therapy provided relief from soft tissue dysfunction and allowed the fascia to hydrate and release.

Combining a blend of Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage,  Leslie was able to provide a more diverse treatment plan.  This blend provided more effective results to heal the body while assisting it to function at an higher levels.   He had the unique ability to treat his clients and provide more relief in their affected areas with these two modalities.

After Leslie became proficient in those techniques, he was selected by Bill “Frenchy” LeSuer to  train and certify as a LeSuer NeuroMuscular  Flexibility Coach. Being one of a few selected for this intensive training one on one was a honor in itself.

This technique was developed by Bill LeSuer,  who was the First Soft Tissue NueroMuscular Muscle Manager  that began working in Major League Baseball.   Bill has been in MLB for over 22 plus years and is still sought after by clubs and clients.   He patented techniques that have  become a main stay for the athletes to compete at a higher level.  Other types of athletes and non athletes seek Bill LeSuer technique to enhance their bodies to train and compete at higher optimal levels or to function in everyday life.

Leslie received his LeSuer NeuroMuscular Flexibility Coach Certification in early March 2017.  Leslie became the 8th Certified LeSuer NueroMuscular Flexibility Coach.  Combining this therapy with the others allows his clients additional relief  of soft tissue dysfunction and increased level of performance.  Leslie works 1:1 with all his clients.

During the initial interview /assessment process, Leslie takes time to develop a specific plan of care (treatment) for each client in conjunction with their input.  On follow up treatments adjustments can/are made to optimize each clients results.

Leslie continues to stay active training for triathlons – swimming, cycling -Road and Mountain, running,  lifting weights, and hiking.  As with his clientele, he adjusts his workouts as needed to maintain peak performance and mindset.

Hobbies include Automotive car care (a passion) Gardening,  Reading,  taking  Murphy his Chocolate Lab Rescue for walks, runs and drives.  In addition, Leslie enjoys cooking and continually strives to improve his food skill sets.

Lastly to his busy schedule, he continues to take care of his mother, Charlotte, who is 93 years plus and in great health.  Murphy the dog (a chocolate lab rescue) has become a main stay for her as her newest grandchild.