LeSuer NueroMuscular Technique

Developed by Bill “Frenchy”  LeSeur.  Bill LeSuer has spent the last 22+ years in baseball – Major Leagues honing his craft. It is a soft tissue release in which the Golgi Tendon Organs release and reset the muscle from congestion and dysfunction.   He was the First Soft Tissue Muscle Manager in the Major League Baseball and worked  with the Anaheim Angels, L.A. Dodgers, & the Arizona Diamondbacks, in addition, to spring training, grading muscle tissue and players. Bill worked directly with Dr. Jobs who developed the Tommy John Surgery.  Bill was able to then develop a technique that aids the release of the U.C.L. today.  One of his many accomplishments as well as full body.   Bill constantly consults and advises to many professional athletes as well as non-athletes.  Bill continues to work and has entrusted his guardians “Flexibility Coaches” to continues on his life’s work.  At present, there are only 8 LeSuer Trained Flexibility Coaches.



It is a series of precise palpation techniques that actually releases muscle groups.  We release the Soft Tissue which aids in  resetting the Golgi Tendon Organs.  This is done through a series of palpation techniques. This allows full extensibility of the tissue, allowing the athlete and non-athlete to achieve their fullest potential and performance  – allowing for full  muscle extensibility and normalizing length/tension relationship.

This therapy includes a systemic and comprehensive evaluation of the client’s tissue health; taking into account; contracture’s, adhesion’s, and restrictions in the muscle tissue. In order to improve tissue health; one must focus on removing these negatives and dysfunctions; which are done through precise palpation techniques, along with improving the elasticity in the fascia system and the relationship between the muscle-skeletal and fascia systems.

Hands-On Treatment

Each LeSuer NueroMuscular Treatment session is performed directly on skin without oils, creams or machinery. This enables the therapist to accurately detect muscular and fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount palpation to release the soft tissue.