Leslie N Hellman - LMT

At Hellman Therapeutics we concentrate on you as a client.   It is through discussions and your input that we put together a plan for your wellness.  Whether it is a single treatment or a series of treatments, it is about your health and being.  

We have lived in the valley since August 26, 2006.  Since then we brought our expertise to you. 

When you have finally exhausted all measures, let us aid your body and you back to the style of life you desire.  


We specialize in soft tissue mobilization.  This is done via the Voila Method, NeuroMuscular Release, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage.  With that we also offer Graston, Cupping and Tapping.  

Experienced Knowledge

Our Clients are from all walks of life.  From the MLB, NHL Players, to weekend warriors, doctors, nurses, professional, laborers and desk workers   We aid those with Parkinson's, CP, M/S, Cancer and other ailments.  

It is through our technique and movement that we view the entire body.  Many times just being on a table does not work, we work sitting, standing and in motion.  We check all aspects to insure proper treatment and release.