About Hellman Therapeutics

Being an athlete most of his life Leslie had Right Shoulder surgery in 2001 and left shoulder surgery in 2007.  During his post surgery physical therapy in 2001, he became interested in training to compete in triathlons as a way to continue rehabbing his shoulder.  

In order to achieve his goal he continued to seek assistance from his chiropractor Dr. Mike Jarembek (DR. J.) in order to train and compete at higher levels.  

Leslie began his crusade in Massage Therapy. Leslie understood that complete muscle release was needed for the dysfunction to leave and the muscles to fire properly. 

Later on in his career, Leslie added Myofascial Release, NeuroMuscular Release, Voila Method.  These Modalities have added to his clients successes.  Leslie is certified in Voila, NeuroMuscular, Graston Technique, Cupping Therapy, and Tapping.