Hellman Therapeutics is an In Home/Concierge Service

Voila Method

 VOILA Balances the SOUL, Mind, & Body to get you to the natural state of harmony to remove pain from the Body using VOILA Method SOUL-utions as a complete system in assessing, finding & treating the root cause of pain.  This is performed on the table, sitting, standing and in motion.  While this is a structural methodology, the muscles and nerves are realign to bring the body back to homeostasis or evenness. 

NeuroMuscular Release

This is a 90 minute session, in which the entire bodies muscles are released.  This is a technique releases the soft tissue and allows range of motion, flexibility and muscle memory to realign itself.  

This Technique is for those who are looking to have most injuries - chronic or acute to be worked on and bring back some form of relief to the body and nerves.  

Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body. Soft Tissue Release 

This massage is beneficial for athletes of all venues, Stress related lifestyles and those who sit for long periods of time.  

MyoFascial Release

 Myofascial Release uses specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective issue between your muscles (fascia). It helps your body heal properly from injuries and can restore range of motion. 


Graston Provider - Graston Technique

Cupping Therapy

Kinesio Tapping 

Fees & Payments

Fees & Forms of Payment


90 minutes - $175.00

120 minutes - $250.00

Hellman Therapeutics accepts the following for payments.

All payments are made at the end of the session unless otherwise discussed.  

Major Credit and Debit Cards 

HSA Visa - Health Savings Account  (we are approved provider)

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Checks (upon approval)**



**Returned Check is subject to $50.00 fee plus initial payment